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Have You Seen His Childhood?

Say what you will about Michael Jackson, but if this article doesn’t make your heart ache for him, you probably have no soul.

He has even begun to regret having plastic surgery and spends much of his time staring at his reflection in the mirror.

‘I don’t know what I was thinking back then,’ he recently said. ‘Everyone makes mistakes when they’re young, I guess. But I still look OK, don’t I? I mean, for 40?’

When reminded that, in fact, he was about to turn 50, Jackson gave a sad, half smile.

‘It all went by so fast, didn’t it? I wish I could do it all over again, I really do.’

But for Michael Jackson, it seems, the time for a comeback has passed. ‘I’m tired,’ he said last week. ‘I’ve got nothing left to give. I just want to be left alone. Is that so bad?’

As if that isn’t bad enough, they’ve got a digital age-progression photo of how Michael may have looked, had he never undergone the knife.

Kind of normal and attractive, no? I weep for all the things that could have been.


I don’t like you in that way either!

The following item appeared on idontlikeyouinthatway.com this morning, ushering in a new era of me not reading that site anymore.

“Sex and the City was a groundbreaking show that ushered in a new era of female empowerment. The characters and he [sic] stars who played them are feminist heroes, who prove that a woman’s merit should not be based on her looks alone. Oh, wait. Scratch that. Page Six reports:

‘Maybe seeing themselves on the big screen was too much to take for “Sex and the City” stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis. Apparently, soon after the movie’s release, they both paid a visit to Roosevelt Hospital on 10th Avenue for minor surgeries. “Cynthia had a breast augmentation and soon after, Kristin had the varicose veins on her legs removed,” said an insider. “They both made sure they did it on the quietest day of the week.” It could explain why Davis always wears long hems. Nixon, whose rep denied the surgery, could have been disappointed with her topless scene. Davis’ rep had no comment.”‘
Wow, nothing says confident feminist icon like sneaking into a doctor’s office and secretly getting plastic surgery. Granted, all these chicks are hags, so why not Sarah Jessica Parker? The legend says our primitive tools and surgical techniques are no match for her sinister demonry. Run for your life!!”

No, you know what, this is some kind of bullshit. This article was obviously written by a dude who is looking for an excuse to harpoon these “hags”, because why? Chicks would rather sit in a theater and watch them for two hours, instead of reading the misogynist babble he puts on his website? Age old male response: attack what threatens you.

Sex and the City has been hailed as groundbreaking and iconic, but it was really just a TV show that women watched because it was involving and entertaining. And yes, even relatable. Does that mean that the stars of that show are somehow required to be saints of the feminist movement?

Furthermore, why can’t feminists get cosmetic procedures if they want to? Isn’t the whole point of empowerment being able to make those kinds of decisions for oneself, without having to please other people (read: bloggers)? If Kristin Davis wants to get the varicose veins on her legs removed, so be it! Cynthia Nixon wants bigger boobs, more power to her and her lady lover! The whole point of the episode (and possibly the entire series) where Samantha gets her chemical peel is that woman should be empowered to do whatever they feel necessary to make them confident in who they are — be it ending a bad relationship, getting fertility treatments, or even buying a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes. Not everyone has to agree with cosmetic surgery, but then again, not everyone has to get plastic surgery. My body, my choice.

Also, just to put things in perspective, these are the women that blogger called “hags”: