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Celebrity Death Watch

Some might think it a bit tasteless to be forecasting the death of a well-beloved comedian. I, however, jumped that shark years ago, with Phil Hartman… and Chris Farley. So no harm in going for the trifecta, right?

Apparently Don Rickles just canceled all his Vegas show dates. It’s not that I am hoping he dies, it’s just that if/when he does, I want to be able to say I told you so. So, someone start the countdown clock. I give him six months, starting… NOW!


Ledger Dies, Norbit Nominated for an Oscar

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to taint the impact of Heath Ledger’s death with the juxtaposition of one of the most bizarre Oscar nominations in recent memory. I just wanted to fully express what a bizarre, mind-boggling day this has been. I’m still a bit too shell shocked to write a proper eulogy (for Heath, not for the Oscars, although that demise is surely imminent). I’m always a little shaken when someone who was born in the same year I was dies a tragic death. Suffice it to say that Heath seemed like a good person, and will be missed by fans and cinephiles alike. My sympathies and well wishes go out to his family, Michelle Williams, and little Matilda Rose.

Happier Times: