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1958 – 2009

We’ll never forget you Michael.


Celebrity Death Watch

Some might think it a bit tasteless to be forecasting the death of a well-beloved comedian. I, however, jumped that shark years ago, with Phil Hartman… and Chris Farley. So no harm in going for the trifecta, right?

Apparently Don Rickles just canceled all his Vegas show dates. It’s not that I am hoping he dies, it’s just that if/when he does, I want to be able to say I told you so. So, someone start the countdown clock. I give him six months, starting… NOW!

Sexy Fail

Speaking of (aka “how I spent my entire Thursday afternoon”), this is priceless. Slightly NSFW, but all the important bits are pixelated.

Mmm, tasty!

From the hilarious

Is anyone else really craving a meat pie right now? God that’s good!

Let Me See that Thong… AH! MY EYE!

The Today Show (via The Onion’s AV Club) had a tidbit this morning about a woman who is suing Victoria’s Secret because her thong viciously attacked her. No, I am not kidding.

Macrida Patterson claims that the little stapley thing (technical term) that holds the rhinestone heart in place on her underwear popped off and hit her in the eye, deeply cutting her cornea and causing her extreme pain, continued medical care, and missed work.

Now, some people (including Meredith Vieira, apparently) might think this is a frivolous lawsuit and a shining example of “what’s wrong with our country” (Mere’s words!), but I am actually siding with Macrida on this one. A piece of her innocuous-seeming underwear came flying off and cut her cornea?? Hells yeah, that’s lawsuit time! Too bad it didn’t happen while she was carrying a scalding cup of McDonald’s coffee. She would have been treated at the Hospital for the Ridiculously Wealthy, address Easy Street!

Click below to play the video. The best part is when her lawyer stops Macrida from detailing how many pairs of Victoria Secret underwear she owns, and how often she wears each of them.

G’day Fair Readers!

I brought you all back a small token, from my recent trip Down Under. It is with great pleasure, that I give you Drunk Kangaroo:

Old Timey Dog Rape, now with buddy icons!

As I know you all look to to service your Old Timey Dog Rape needs, now you can express your awe and appreciation of today’s video with these custom buddy icons!