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Belated Feel Good Friday

Many apologies for missing Feel Good Friday last week. Maybe, subconsciously, I was holding out until Jimmy Kimmel could create the perfect retaliation to Sarah Silverman’s opus to adultery, “I’m F@cking Matt Damon.” I think you’ll all agree it was worth the wait, when you see who Jimmy Kimmel is boffing.

Also, is it just the spandex shirt, or is Ben Affleck looking super hot these days? House-husbandry really agrees with him!

Feel Slappy Friday

It’s possible that you have to already be a fan of CBS’s instant-classic sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, in order to appreciate the clip below.  But if you’re not — what the heck is wrong with you? Wasn’t Robin Sparkles enough to convince you? Watch this clip anyway, and know that you’re totally missing out (unless you are already a fan, in which case… hurray for your awesome taste in television!).

Tuesday! Super!

If you live in one of the 22 states that are having Primary Elections today, then… Super! I encourage you to vote early, and vote often. And just in case you’re torn between all the edgy and history-making choices available to you today, here is a helpful little video.

Between that and the Indian Gaming propositions, it’s no wonder I am usually too lazy to voice an opinion.

Feel Good Friday: Effing Matt Damon Edition

If you haven’t seen this yet, you are probably Amish. In which case, you are most likely reading this over the shoulder of your English friend (in between hits of Meth), who already told you all about it. As for the rest of the Western world, let’s enjoy another round of the viral video that is setting the internets on fire. Everybody sing!