Another Day, Another Commitment

Welp, Britney is back in the hospital — must be Thursday.

Earlier this week, US talk show host Barbara Walters claimed that Spears has been receiving treatment for “mental issues”. She said Spears’ manager Sam Lutfi had told her the singer was suffering from psychiatric problems that are “treatable”. “She has been having mood swings. She’s been having trouble sleeping,” Walters said on her show The View.

I realize it’s difficult to keep track of her facility-hopping ways, so I’ve taken the liberty of creating a handy little flip device. Just as you used to be able to communicate whether your dishes were clean or dirty with the flip of a cow-birthed heart, so too can you know stay abreast of where Britney’s mental anguish has taken her. Soon available in hand-dandy refrigerator magnet form!


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