Not you too, Ashley! is reporting that Ashley Tisdale is sporting a new shnoz. According to Ashley, the work was done to repair a deviated septum, but I don’t know if I’m buying it. She seems to have had it shaved down while they were in there. Check out the pics, and see if she doesn’t look like an entirely different (plasticized) person.

Ashley's Nose Job

I wonder if she paid extra for the sunken-eyed, vacant stare.

Please consider this my official resignation from Team Zashley. Sigh. Now who do I route for? Team Zegan?


3 responses to “Not you too, Ashley!

  1. Me & my daughter have been arguing over this….. Did she get some sort of botox or something around the eyes or is that just a side affect??
    She did need the operation, it’s the same one my brother got, if she hadn’t of got it in two years she would end up with severe breathing problems and may not be able to sing.
    BUT she did have some other work done while she was there.

    Thanks E & C

  2. team zashley can’t be dead?! the team can just breathe correctly without being able to show any facial emotion now…thats all

  3. que asco!! c ve mas falsa su nariz

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