And the train wrecks on…

Britney Spears’ younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears has announced in OK! Magazine that she is pregnant. Meanwhile her mom Lynne Spears’ book on Christian parenting, due in Spring 2008, has been indefinitely delayed.Us Weekly reports Jamie Lynn’s father – Lynne’s ex-husband Jamie – is “furious” that mother and daughter sold their story to OK! and “devastated” at the news that his youngest child is pregnant. Jamie Lynn supposedly got a $1 Million back-end deal for the interview.

 If this blog had sound effects, I would have a needle scratching right here. Lynn Spears was writing a Christian parenting book?  For reals? This is the mother of Britney Spears we’re talking about here. Not exactly the person 9 out of 10 Christian parents want their children to turn into. I can’t believe Britney’s pantiless, coked out, deposition dodging, child neglecting, paparazzi beating antics didn’t automatically disqualify Lynn Spears from writing a parenting book. What were they going to call it? “If I Raised Good Children, Here’s How It Would Have Happened?”  This family is seriously one washboard jug band away from taking up residence in the Ozarks and calling it a day.     

3 responses to “And the train wrecks on…

  1. Hey! My grandson lives in the Ozarks.

  2. And I am sure he and Jamie Lynn will be very happy together. Maybe they can start a coon skin cap business by the side of the highway!

  3. He’s 6 months old

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