Kate Cruise

The ever-reliable (did I say reliable? I meant “highly suspect”) 7 Confessions Blog is reporting a source-less rumor that Katie Holmes is not letting Tom change her last name to Cruise.

Scientology freak Tom Cruise wants his wife Katie Holmes to take his name and be officially Kate Cruise. But I guess Katie is much smarter than anyone knows and she tells Tom NO!! 
“I am so tired of being told what to wear, what to say, what to eat and even what to think. I can’t stand it anymore,” Katie said. …

I really wish there were a source linked from this story, because I REALLY want to believe that Katie went on record about being forced to wear, eat, say, and think what the Scientologists tell her to. Maybe her handlers (oops, I meant “bffs! Natch!”) wandered away for a moment, and she made an ill-fated bid for verbal freedom. Stay strong Katie. Your day will come!


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