Your Thanksgiving of Repose

Gentle readers, the time for giving thanks for a bountiful harvest has finally arrived. Of course, the crop I am referring to is not agricultural, but rather cinematical. Now that summer is over, and autumn’s “movie dead zone” has passed, we can finally start with the Oscar contenders — the “real” movies, if you will. If you find the energy to pry yourself off the couch this long weekend, might I suggest taking in a flicker?

Opening today is August Rush, which is basically like “Field of Dreams” — if he plays it, they will come. Only instead of baseball, it’s music. And no one is dead (that I know of). And instead of Kevin Costner, it’s Freddie Highmore…. Okay so it’s nothing like Field of Dreams.

Of course, I understand that leaving the house on Thursday is generally not advisable, unless you’re willing to sit in traffic for three hours just to get to your local cinema. In this case, might I suggest the Sundance Channel’s series, Iconoclasts, for your viewing pleasure? This week features Iron Chef John Besh, and Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis, as they wreck havoc on New Orleans.

Happy Thanksgiving, see you next week!


One response to “Your Thanksgiving of Repose

  1. Happy Thanksgiving MadMegan

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