Back in the Buff

Hey girls, looks like Daniel “Throws of Passion” Radcliffe is coming to America! And he’ll be naked!

Daniel Radcliffe is no stranger to baring it all, but the next time he does it, it will be on Broadway. The actor, known for playing Harry Potter on the big screen, is starring in “Equus” for New York audiences next fall.
But even with the familiarity of having performed the role — which included simulating sex acts — for a live audience in London, he still gets nervous, but not about the nudity. “Once you’ve been doing the play for two hours, you’re so into the character, you’re not even thinking about it.

Let me tell you who will be thinking about it, Dan. The bevy of screaming fifteen-year-olds in the audience. Look out Broadway! Potter’s Harry is taking New York by storm!

And in a completely unrelated story, isn’t VirginAmerica selling dirt cheap tickets to the East Coast? I’m just sayin’.


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