Disney’s Breaking Free!

In the best news I’ve heard since reports that HSM3 might be called High School Musical: Gradu-dancin!, it’s now being reported that Vanessa Hudgens, aka Gabriella, aka Boring Girl, will not be returning for the threequel.

“Disney finally decided that they don’t want her back,” an insider reveals to OK!. “They feel that as long as Zac Efron is in the movie, all will be fine. He’s the real star — the household name — and, most importantly, he comes without baggage.”

The source also reports that one of the Cheetah Girls — Adrienne Baillon, 23, or possibly 23-year-old Sabrina Bryan — will take Vanessa’s place. “The producers think that after Dancing With the Stars, Sabrina will be more famous than Vanessa.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Adrienne played coy with OK! when confronted with the information. “I love working with Disney,” she said. “I’m trying to convince Disney to let the whole Disney circle of stars in. I’m just trying to convince Disney to let your Zac and Codys and your Brenda Strongs join High School Musical. We all come in and invade their high school; that would be pretty hot. Put us all together in a feature film!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa there Adrienne Baillon. First of all, I have no idea who you are. Secondly, keep your GD Zach and Cody OUT of my High School Musical! That movie is only big enough for one Zac, and I think we all know which one I mean.


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