WTF Animal Rescue?!

You wanna know the quickest way to get on America’s shit list? Make Ellen cry.

Seriously, wtf? Isn’t the point of the animal rescue organizations to place animals in happy homes? Even if they were upset that Ellen didn’t go through proper channels, couldn’t they just make the new family fill out the paperwork, and let them adopt the poor little puppy?
Once I adopted a cat from the Pasadena Humane Society, and about a year and a half later I found her a better home. I had signed a similar contract, promising I would give the cat back to the pound if I couldn’t keep her, but I figured what the ASPCA didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. When they found out, they called me to make sure I had really consented to give the cat away, updated their records to reflect the change in ownership, and called it a day. No muss, no fuss.
So, Nameless Animal Rescue Society, grow a heart, give the puppy back, and apologize to Ellen before I give YOU something to cry about! No one messes with my girl E and gets away with it!


One response to “WTF Animal Rescue?!

  1. What a mess. The purpose of rescuing a pet and adopting it is to find it a loving home. Ellen claims to have done so but the agency was quick to snatch Iggy back. The agency should have been a bit more patient. I just hope Iggy finds a great home. He’s so adorable and is a celebrity pooch now.

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