From the Totally Unreliable Rumor Dept.

Defamer’s Privacy Watch feature is a must read for all aspiring stalkers gossip enthusiasts, even if it sometimes yields tidbits you don’t really want know:

Today (Oct 2) I was at Ivy eating lunch. To my surprise, I saw Jake Gyllenhaal eating lunch with a VERY attractive young man in his early twenties. The two were laughing seemed to be having a great time. Jake was wearing black sunglasses, destroyed blue jeans, and a grey cashmere like sweater. As they were leaving Jake said to him,” I will be by tonight to pick that stuff up” and the guy just smiled and said,” Ok, I will be there” They seemed VERY cozy together and it was obvious there is something between them.

Okay, firstly it should be said that there is no way to tell if this piece was written by an actual eyewitness within earshot of the Jake-meister, or if it’s some jilted ex-lover (I’m looking at you, Kiki), looking to add a little fuel to the flamer rumor. However, that said, just come out already Jakey! We’ll love you just the same!


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