Don’t Squeeze the Juice

Watch out world, O.J. Simpson is on the loose again!

O.J. SIMPSON and his girlfriend have landed in Florida and only ET has the details of his four hour and 20 minute flight.
O.J. flew coach on US Airways Flight 888 from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale, FL, sitting in seat 4D while CHRISTIE PRODY, his girlfriend, sat in 4E. Both the former football star and his girlfriend boarded early. O.J.’s attorney, YALE GALANTER, sat in 4C and had to board with the rest of the passengers. Passengers were laughing and joking with O.J. as they boarded the flight.
O.J. purchased a $3 snack pack for himself (the pack included chips, salsa, fruit bar, chocolate bar, cheese and breadsticks) and a $5 chicken caesar sandwich for his girlfriend and paid for the meal with a $50 bill. O.J. drank Coca-Cola and ice water while in flight, while Christie drank a small $5 bottle of red wine.
Christie brought her small black miniature Pomeranian onboard in a dog carrier.
While in flight, O.J. got a LOUIS VUITTON duffel bag out of the overhead compartment to get a pair of headphones and then watched ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ and dozed, while his girlfriend requested a blanket and rested her head on his shoulder.

Okay, O.J. has a girlfriend?! What kind of suicidal masochist do you have to be to date The Juice? You rest your head on that shoulder today, but tomorrow he’ll be mailing it to your father with a note that says “If I murdered her, this is what her bloodied, decapitated head would look like.”


One response to “Don’t Squeeze the Juice

  1. i think this is stupid
    who knew he had a bf? ^o)

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