Britney is a lot of things. Anorexic isn’t one of them.

Man alive, it’s a bad day to be Britney Spears. People are abandoning her like rats on a sinking ship. First her manager (of one whole month!), then her lawyer (mid-custody battle), and even her very own offspring (who could blame them). Now OK! Magazine (via MSN) is claiming Spears has an eating disorder.

A source told the magazine that Spears will do anything to lose weight, including starving herself as well as binging and purging.

A pal reportedly told OK! that Spears said, “I’ll starve myself because I’m fat.”
OK! magazine’s source also alleges Britney is addicted to diet pills and combines them with large amounts of coffee and RedBull.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Britney also being accused of parading around naked in front of her kids, entourage, and general viewing public? How many anorexic/bulimics do you know who are also exhibitionists? Although I am inclined to believe almost everything I read about America’s Favorite Trainwreck (at least since LiLo’s been in rehab), I have to wonder if the tabs are just opening up their Grab-Bag of Celebrity Dysfunction, and throwing everything at her to see what sticks.


5 responses to “Britney is a lot of things. Anorexic isn’t one of them.

  1. Ok, so, clearly you people are all ass holes. You do not live near or with britney and so u dont even know that she parades around naked! SO WHAT IF SHE DOES! she is sooooo hot, and, even with her bald head, i cannot belive that u would call her a trainwreck you self obsessed, herpes riddled, small minded pieces of shit!

  2. no you no what, im not! ha FU

  3. britney is a weirdo y is she goin on lak a bert fur

  4. what an idiot fn skank

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