Bloody Disgusting

Remember when Angelina Jolie used to wear a vial of Billy Bob’s blood around her neck to symbolize the depth of her (fleeting) affection? Well this is like that. Only the blood is on the inside. And it wasn’t voluntary.

A Cambodian man was arrested after injecting a woman with his own blood in a bizarre scheme to win her affections, police said Wednesday.

The 22-year-old man… allegedly injected a syringe of his blood into the woman’s rib cage and waist as she walked home from school, Tan Sophal said.

The assailant fell in love with the woman when the two were classmates in 2004, Tan Sophal said. After the woman refused his advances, he came up with the scheme to inject her with his blood, he said.

“He thought that if he could not marry her, at least his blood can stay inside her body,” Tan Sophal said. “That’s why he injected her with his blood.”

After the woman reported the assault to police, she was sent to a hospital for an examination to determine among other things whether the blood was tainted, Tan Sophal said.

Gee how could she possibly have resisted the advances of such a charming young man? He totally knows what women want. Blood. Foreign, possibly tainted, blood injected into their rib cages and/or waists. Sigh. Dibs on the romcom screenplay adaptation!

But what did Tan Sophal say?


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