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Feel Good Friday: Musical Genius Edition

On this chilly, fall Friday let’s get things a little Hot in Here.

Did anyone else just become an instant Jenny Owen Youngs fan?


Save the World Thursday

This blog isn’t really dedicated to “worldy” or “important” causes, but sometimes I feel a little guilty about the depth of my useless celebrity-knowledge. And also my knowledge about useless celebrities (Britney Spears).
Anyway, as a little bit of atonement, I’m gonna put on my Ryan Gosling-approved “Darfur” shirt, and point you toward a very good cause.

The video isn’t very good, but it does get you primed for the much more in-depth and powerful documentary coming out in November, called “Darfur Now.” Join the myspace page, and feel like you’re making a difference in the world. Even if you’re only doing it to impress Brad and Angelina.

Brit, Just Because

I have no reason to post this, other than the fact that I am a bad person, and it genuinely delights me. Really, what other reason do you need?

Okay fine, if you’re looking for a news story, check out this tidbit from Brit’s bodyguard.

“Britney does love her kids but she is a fickle mum. When the kids are happy, she’s happy. When they’re crying or unwell, she’s not sure what to do. She speaks to them in weird, creepy, baby voices, in made-up languages, which they just don’t get. All it does is unsettle, upset and scare them. Often she would scream and cry uncontrollably. Imagine what that is like for young children.”

Yes, I can easily believe that face would frighten children and animals. Heck, it could probably cause Biblical plagues. Don’t look into her eyes, everyone. You’ll turn to dust!

Mad Megan Exclusive!

Please enjoy this exclusive photo of James Franco from the premiere of Paul Haggis’s latest film “In the Valley of Elah.” The movie tells the story of a war veteran, his wife and the search for their son, a soldier who recently returned from Iraq but has mysteriously gone missing, and the police detective who helps in the investigation. Oh yes, and it’s based on a true story.

It’s actually a pretty good film that leaves you with the nagging feeling that maybe – just maybe — this war thing we’ve gotten ourselves into isn’t the best idea after all. It’s in theaters today, so go out there and start questioning our country’s leadership!

Feel Good Friday: Glam Rock Edition

I’m been sitting on this video all week, just waiting until Feel Good Friday, so I could share it with all of you. You’re welcome!

Dare you to stop humming it sometime in the next 24 hours.

Don’t Squeeze the Juice

Watch out world, O.J. Simpson is on the loose again!

O.J. SIMPSON and his girlfriend have landed in Florida and only ET has the details of his four hour and 20 minute flight.
O.J. flew coach on US Airways Flight 888 from Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale, FL, sitting in seat 4D while CHRISTIE PRODY, his girlfriend, sat in 4E. Both the former football star and his girlfriend boarded early. O.J.’s attorney, YALE GALANTER, sat in 4C and had to board with the rest of the passengers. Passengers were laughing and joking with O.J. as they boarded the flight.
O.J. purchased a $3 snack pack for himself (the pack included chips, salsa, fruit bar, chocolate bar, cheese and breadsticks) and a $5 chicken caesar sandwich for his girlfriend and paid for the meal with a $50 bill. O.J. drank Coca-Cola and ice water while in flight, while Christie drank a small $5 bottle of red wine.
Christie brought her small black miniature Pomeranian onboard in a dog carrier.
While in flight, O.J. got a LOUIS VUITTON duffel bag out of the overhead compartment to get a pair of headphones and then watched ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ and dozed, while his girlfriend requested a blanket and rested her head on his shoulder.

Okay, O.J. has a girlfriend?! What kind of suicidal masochist do you have to be to date The Juice? You rest your head on that shoulder today, but tomorrow he’ll be mailing it to your father with a note that says “If I murdered her, this is what her bloodied, decapitated head would look like.”

Britney is a lot of things. Anorexic isn’t one of them.

Man alive, it’s a bad day to be Britney Spears. People are abandoning her like rats on a sinking ship. First her manager (of one whole month!), then her lawyer (mid-custody battle), and even her very own offspring (who could blame them). Now OK! Magazine (via MSN) is claiming Spears has an eating disorder.

A source told the magazine that Spears will do anything to lose weight, including starving herself as well as binging and purging.

A pal reportedly told OK! that Spears said, “I’ll starve myself because I’m fat.”
OK! magazine’s source also alleges Britney is addicted to diet pills and combines them with large amounts of coffee and RedBull.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Britney also being accused of parading around naked in front of her kids, entourage, and general viewing public? How many anorexic/bulimics do you know who are also exhibitionists? Although I am inclined to believe almost everything I read about America’s Favorite Trainwreck (at least since LiLo’s been in rehab), I have to wonder if the tabs are just opening up their Grab-Bag of Celebrity Dysfunction, and throwing everything at her to see what sticks.