A Milestone!

Yes, friends, today I have passed the 100,000 hits mark! Hooray for me! And hooray for you, my loyal readers, without whom I would just be a sad little person sitting in a cubical, typing into the ethosphere, waiting for someone to notice me. Thanks, and see you at one million!


5 responses to “A Milestone!

  1. Your welcome. congradulations, and we all love you

  2. well i wouldn’t say WE ALL luv you…i mean the 12 yr old HSM fans just want you for your Zac connections

  3. Congrats to the queen of gossip… grammar… and punctuation!
    If only you we’re getting paid…. (sigh)

  4. … and by ‘we’re’, I meant ‘were’.

  5. love you mad

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