Rupert Everett Used to be Beautiful

I was watching a Graham Norton marathon yesterday, as I am wont to do on a hot Sunday afternoon, and I swear it took me a full minute to realize that the guy with the butterscotch voice and strangely taut skin was none other than Rupert Everett!

I don’t know what kind of Catherine Bell-esque plastic surgery this man has had, but he needs to get it reversed. Maybe he can do some facial exercises, and stretch it all out again. Remember when he used to look like this?

Good times.


3 responses to “Rupert Everett Used to be Beautiful

  1. I agree he looked a bit smooth on G.N but I had a theory about that .He might have had his beard waxed out for St. Trinians. I just saw him on Alan Carr , closer he wrinkles and crinkles but had a light beard .He has always had a quite dark and obvious beard area , hard to cover for St. Trins.

  2. That’s a really good point, but look how much different his cheeks are (full instead of hollow), and his forehead has definitely seen some botox. I definitely think he’s had more done than just a beard waxing.

  3. I don’t know one name you mentioned. I guess I’m showing my age.

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