Slow News Day Worsens Harry Potter Withdrawals

Is it just me, or did absolutely nothing noteworthy happen today? And no, I don’t consider Nicole Richie admitting she’s pregnant newsworthy, we knew this a month ago. Perhaps it’s the fact that I just finished the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series that has made the Muggle world seem so dull and magic-less. Luckily, Wikihow has the solution to my Potterless doldrums.

How to Survive in a World With No Upcoming Harry Potter Books
1. Remember: You can reread the books! There will still be more movies! Just because Harry will be having no new adventures, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy his old ones.
2. Though Ms. Rowling did write and epilogue to the Harry Potter series, she left about 19 years… to our imagination. Write what happened during those 19 years, for personal use or to share.
3. Say hello to a brand new world. One, that incidentally, is pretty cool regardless of the lack of magic and fanciful beasts. Chances are, you spent a lot of time reading, rereading, considering and discussing the books and Harry’s fate. Adventure out into the world and experience the wonders it has in store.
4. Find a new interest. Maybe J.K. Rowling inspired you to become an author. Make writing your new passion. Maybe you would rather find something in the real world, far away from literature. Take up a new sport, or start gardening. Raise money for an organization you care about, or start your own. Remember, this new interest won’t take the place of Harry Potter, but rather will find a place in your heart and mind alongside Harry and his friends.
5. It’s just a book. Yes, I know, that’s a big blow to some people, but it’s true. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, yet I know that it is just one aspect of my life. Keep things in perspective.
If all else fails then go to Orlando, Fl when the Harry Potter theme park opens and enjoy its as much as you desire, or work there when you’re older.

At first I was a bit offended at the assumption that anyone reading this article a) is younger than legal working age b) has no hobbies c) is some kind of agoraphobic recluse. Then I remembered I purposely sought out an article on how to survive a Harry Potter-less world. Shutting off the judgmental part of my brain… now.


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