In Other Lindsay Lohan News…

Just in case you haven’t heard enough LiLo news today, here’s a little item that isn’t getting much press.

In recent days, Lindsay has been desperate for cash … the 21 year-old had offered to “sell” photos to X17 to the tune of $30,000! Linds had been calling and texting numerous members of Team X17 over the past week, trying to organize a way to get some money and she’s been in touch with other pap agencies as well.
And it’s not the first time! Lindsay offered the same type of deal to us last September, though nothing ever came of it. Apparently someone’s been keeping the $$$$ away from the repeat rehabber …

I guess that is what happens when you lose all your acting gigs for being a drunken cokewhore, and then lose all the bail you posted for repeated drunken-cokewhore offenses. Eventually you have to get a little creative about how to trade on that image. Unfortunately for her wallet, there is no shortage of scandalous pictures of her. Seriously, what could she show us that we haven’t already seen? Cooch? Seen it. Playing with knives? Been there. Snorting coke in a bathroom stall? Yawn.

Have fun in rehab, Linds. Try laying off the ecstasy this time.

This photo is clearly some kind of reenactment, with Lindsay being played by a Madame Tussauds wax statue.


One response to “In Other Lindsay Lohan News…

  1. Don,t be bad mouthing cokewhores

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