I weep for Catherine Bell

This is the worst celebrity plastic surgery I’ve seen in recent memory. Not only is Catherine Bell completely unrecognizable (like you would have recognized her in the first place — I think she was on JAG? NCIS? Something with initials in the title, anyway), but she ruined a perfectly good nose, went a little Soul Man on the fake n’ bake, and is that an eyebrow lift? Good God, woman! Are you really that insecure? It would take a forensic scientist to pick her out of a line up now. Good thing she was on CSI, or whatever.


Catherine Bell good




Catherine Bell bad


10 responses to “I weep for Catherine Bell

  1. Yeah, I think plastic surgery is a terrible blight on society. I think everyone should just go with the flow and get old, wrinkled and sagging, then just seek a bunch of psychiatric help to cope with that changing outside image.

  2. i think catherine bell is gorgeous. her nose doesnt look that bad in actuality. its just a bad picture.
    i think people have a right to do whatever they want to themselves……its making themselves look better and making them feel better.
    its all worth it. she is beautiful!

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  4. Catherine Bell is gorgeous, i believe that this indeed is a bad picture, he nose does not look all that different, i believe that the only reason people think she has had plastic surgery is 1) a bad picture 2) her facial expression is different in each picture 3) and all i believe she has done is got botox injections if that, hence the lack of smile lines which changes her face as she smiles

  5. The look of plastic surgery is unmistakable.How sad.She had a beautiful mouth and nose, naturally. She ruined her face. 😦

  6. What amazes me is when these lipless people get injections and it looks as if they go stung by bees on the mouth. When will they learn in Hollywood, that you go through youth ‘once’. There will always be someone ‘younger’ waiting to take their place.

  7. As an ENT physician I would recommend taking away her nose doctor’s license!

  8. Funny, I love her old JAG series and just saw one of her recent movies and went, duh? What happened? Then googled her and found many others with the same question, WHY?

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