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Keanu Reeves Viciously Attacked by Seemingly Harmless Teddy Bear

Click the above image to watch a video of a very young, very adorable Keanu Reeves being his endearingly goofy self. You might have to watch it multiple times to properly appreciate the moment he tells the be-spectacled teddy that they have some bearsiness to get down to.


Things I Learned at Comic-Con 2007

1. People will take anything if it’s free, then immediately suffer from collector’s remorse.
2. What makes geeks most annoying — they all think they’re funny.
3. Rapping about Pi is not funny.
4. Joss Whedon is a heathen god who wields his command over thousands of geeky minions.
5. Masturbation is the common joke that unites all nerds.

Comic-Con 2007

Feel Good Friday: Comedic Genius Edition

This week, I had the immense pleasure of seeing that master of the ad lib, Eddie Izzard, perform at the Coronet Theater, here in LA. Sadly, he did not dress in drag. Happily, he cemented my long-standing love for him, and confirmed my desire to have a million of his executive transvestite babies. Sadly again, he did not seem to have similar desires. Still, Eddie, you will henceforth have a permanent place on my List.
Please enjoy your Feel Good Friday video of Eddie performing for Amnesty International, doing the same bit he did for us. I love him.

Hold the Phone!

Zac Efron to

“I don’t know what it was with Vanessa, but we kind of clicked from the very beginning.”

Efron and Hudgens are now working the same magic off the set. Last week they got cozy at the L.A. premiere of Hairspray, in which Efron plays hunky Link Larkin. The couple watched the film together and held hands as they worked their way through the afterparty on the UCLA campus.

Dude! I was just applying the final glitter letters to the “Will You Marry Me? Check Yes or No” banner I was going to hang in front of Zac Efron’s house, and now this? He and Vanessa are still together? What happened to the fighting? The belittling? Have some dignity, Vanessa, we all know how he treated you. Set him free, so a real woman (not naming any names) can teach him how to love.


In Other Lindsay Lohan News…

Just in case you haven’t heard enough LiLo news today, here’s a little item that isn’t getting much press.

In recent days, Lindsay has been desperate for cash … the 21 year-old had offered to “sell” photos to X17 to the tune of $30,000! Linds had been calling and texting numerous members of Team X17 over the past week, trying to organize a way to get some money and she’s been in touch with other pap agencies as well.
And it’s not the first time! Lindsay offered the same type of deal to us last September, though nothing ever came of it. Apparently someone’s been keeping the $$$$ away from the repeat rehabber …

I guess that is what happens when you lose all your acting gigs for being a drunken cokewhore, and then lose all the bail you posted for repeated drunken-cokewhore offenses. Eventually you have to get a little creative about how to trade on that image. Unfortunately for her wallet, there is no shortage of scandalous pictures of her. Seriously, what could she show us that we haven’t already seen? Cooch? Seen it. Playing with knives? Been there. Snorting coke in a bathroom stall? Yawn.

Have fun in rehab, Linds. Try laying off the ecstasy this time.

This photo is clearly some kind of reenactment, with Lindsay being played by a Madame Tussauds wax statue.

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Daniel “Don’t Call Me Harry While in the Throws of Passion” Radcliffe has finally turned eighteen! That’s right ladies, let the chase begin. And to sweeten the pot, he apparently comes into his fortune today, rumored to be anywhere between $19 and $35 million. Rich and legal, my favorite combination. Also, as a bonus, I no longer have to feel morally conflicted when I post this picture. Good times!


Feel Good Friday: Filipino Prisons are fun! Edition

I don’t know why third world prisons get such a bad rap — this looks like a rousin’ good time to me! If I were incarcerated, I would totally spend my days choreographing fifteen hundred of my closest inmate buddies and making them perform in the courtyard during our exercise break. Come on guys, getcha head in da game!

Also, I love how dedicated the guy in the halter top and banana clip is to his role.