Feel Good Friday, Squirrel Edition

When I quickly posted the story of the renegade squirrel attacking innocent German civilians last week, I had no idea how popular the story would become. In the last two days, literally hundreds of people have found my blog by searching for the word “squirrel.” While I consider switching to an all-squirrel-news format, please enjoy this handy dandy video on how to make a tasty squirrel melt. Informative and delicious!

Does the sight of that skinned squirrel give anyone else the heeby jeebies?


3 responses to “Feel Good Friday, Squirrel Edition

  1. Damn, I picked the weong week to become a vegan!

  2. So, squirrels do have a use! When the package with air holes arrives, you know what to do.

  3. type o

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