Sweats on a Plane

Poor Paula Abdul is getting a lot of flack about this clip. But in all fairness, if I had two assistants and neither one of them managed to remember to bring my sweatpants to the airport, I would probably throw a hissy too. Who wants to sleep on a red eye flight in skinny jeans? Shoot, if I were Paula Abdul, I’d embrace my crazy, drunken persona, and show up in footy pajamas. Then I would tell all the flight attendants that they have something very special, and they are all stars, and they look beautiful tonight, while ordering my fifth glass of wine and hunkering down for a little Zan-nap.

By the way, “Hey Paula” premieres tomorrow night on Bravo. If it’s anything like Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List, I am totally making my friend-with-TiVo season pass it.


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