Reese Quits Jake

The relationship that never was is finally over. That’s right friends, Reese and Jake are kaput.

Though sources say the duo, who began dating in March (five months after her split from Ryan Phillippe, 32), had been getting serious in recent weeks – he bonded with her two kids and met her mom – Us Weekly has learned the couple have cooled.
“She has either called it off or is just taking a break,” says a Witherspoon source.
The hitch? If may have been too much, too soon for the actress, 31, still smarting from her divorce.
“She cares for Jake, but the timing is crappy,” says the insider. “She doesn’t have enough emotional space for him right now.”
Sources say the star – who has been hunkering down at home because “she’s worried that when she’s in public, everyone’s talking about her failed marriage” – is staying strong for the kids.
Alas, it seems it will be just the three of them for a while longer.
A source says that Gyllenhaal recently told a buddy: “I’m single.”

They were never photographed together, seen in public together, or talked about each other to the press, so I can’t say that I am at all shocked or torn up about this split. Okay, I might also have a somewhat selfish relief at the prospect of Jakey-poo being single. Call me if you get lonely, Jake!


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  1. Jake and Jenny forever!…wait what? wrong relationship

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