This is Why I Have GPS

High School Musical stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens have reportedly ended their real-life romance after a dream vacation turned into a nightmare. The young lovers were spotted hand in hand at the MTV Movie Awards on June 3 but a road trip immediately following the event really tested their love for each other. An insider tells America’s In Touch Weekly magazine, “Zac borrowed a car and the two headed off on their own. It was raining and they soon got lost. Zac was yelling at Vanessa that it was her fault.” The teenage couple reportedly got into an argument and split up on the trip.

Well, my “impromptu road trip with Zac Efron” fantasy is effectively ruined. Is there anything less attractive than someone yelling at you in a car, while you’re lost? I am surprised Vanessa didn’t stab him in the eye with a Slim Jim (essential road-tripping food which I am sure they had on hand). I guess the silver lining here is that my boy Zac is single again. The bad news? He’s kind of a douche.

Zac and Vanessa



17 responses to “This is Why I Have GPS

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  3. wow i love both(zac and vanessa) together

  4. i think the girl that thinks Vanessa is a whore is such a bitch. i think they both care tons about each other. if she was the one with Zac she won’t want Vanessa to talk to her like that!!!!! Vanessa is very loyal to Zac and if the story about the fighting is true he’s the one that doesn’t care about her.

  5. I think Zac Efron is gorgeous and *amazing* at singing, I’m not obbsessed wih him but I think he’s magnificent… if I met him my dreams would come true but , i have a better dream and i would like to become an actress and singer myself… i love it,but I agrree with meg… vanessa should chuck Zac ,, it would be better for everyone if she did 😀 haha.. x x

  6. zac and vanessa were a cute cupple but they split cause they always were fighting …now he is going out wit a chick from hairspray ….

  7. well me and zac are engaged. no joke…

  8. zac efron has amazing eyes and if i met him i would cream in my pants and then attack him

  9. i really think that me and zac would make a better couple.
    i dont like vanessa.
    shes a fag.
    thats all =]

  10. i think they make the world’s cutest couple!!!

    zac is so hot with his dreamy eyes and is so amazing!!! and vanessa is so pretty and she’s my number 1 idol. they really belong together

  11. okay stop doing this break up with her she’s not good enough for her go out with ashley crap one that’s not up to anyone but him and there is no definate proof their going for all you know it’s to promote their new high school musical movie

  12. iam actuallty hapy a bit coz he is so fit and just seeing how happy they are 2geter made me a bit sad…
    and she is not the crap 1, neither of the highschool musical cast r , coz they r all taltened
    bye xx


  14. love u zac !! ur so hot an di lovee ur new hair!!

  15. Zac you deserve this life with vanessa and if you break up its goin to hurt her real bad

  16. well, I dont know what to say, they might be together, they might not, no one actually knows, maybe except the hsm cast.

    But what if you made a movie and you became together with this girl that you play with??
    It must be hard being famous with all the cameras and the usual question: Are you together?

    so just have a think..

    I think tha they deserve a normal life! And as they say: “We are just really close friends”
    that can be true aswell! Or maybe it isn’t, we don’t really know, But I am a true Zanessa Fan and I wish they were together, which they might be!


    If you have any comment or anything, email me!
    (My e-mail does not work on msn so there is no Point of adding me)

    / Tintin aka. Tizzie__*

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