Feel Good Friday’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Ah yes, it is a good day, and I have a new personal hero. But recent events, glorious as they may be, may not be quite as “fair” and “universal” as certain county officials are trying to lead us to believe.
Let me take you back to a simpler time, just one year ago. Back when we didn’t really care about celebrity DUIs, unless someone was being called “Sugartits” and an entire culture was being insulted. Does anybody remember Michelle Rodriguez? You know, the annoying girl from Lost who was shot in the gut as the greatest season finale EVER?

TMZ [via celebitchy.com] has learned Michelle Rodriguez’s 60-day DUI jail sentence turned into four hours and 27 minutes behind bars — a byproduct of overcrowding and budget problems in LA’s jails….

… a spokesman for the LA city attorney’s office said Rodriguez was released after just less than four and a half hours as part of a book and release program typical for non-violent offenders with sentences of less than 90 days. Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the LA County Sheriff’s Department, said the early release program was implemented in 2002 “as a last resort” to meet budget cuts that reached $180 million.

There were no public outcries, and no paparazzi parades. The general public may have thought, “oh it’s because she’s a celebrity,” but no one made petitions to keep her in jail.
By no stretch of the imagination am I saying that She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was treated unfairly today. I am just saying, perhaps her sentence was more about karma, than justice. You can only spit on the world for so long, before it absorbs enough to pee on you.
Michelle Rodriguez DUI


5 responses to “Feel Good Friday’s Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. There are many differences between Michelle Rodriguez and Hilton. Hilton had already lost her license when she was busted.

    The brat belongs in jail.

  2. They both belong in prison, no disputing that! But Rodriquez had the following:
    In November 2003, eight misdemeanor charges based on two road incidents: On July 22, she left the scene of an accident after hitting another motorist. And on November 4, she sped through an intersection while under the influence of alcohol. She had a suspended license both times.
    In June 2004, Rodriguez pleaded no contest in Los Angeles to three of the charges: hit and run, drunken driving, and driving with a suspended license.
    In 2005, while filming Lost in Hawaii, Rodriguez was pulled over by Honolulu police multiple times; she was cited for driving 83 mph in a 55 mph zone on Oahu on Nov. 1 and was fined $357, paid a $300 fine for driving 90 mph in a 35 mph zone on Oct. 20, was fined $197 for going 80 mph in a 50 mph zone on August 24.
    On December 1, 2005, Rodriguez was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence.
    Rodriguez pleaded not guilty when arraigned,but on the day of her trial in April 2006, she pleaded guilty to one charge of driving under the influence. She chose to pay a $500 fine and spend five days in jail instead of doing 240 hours of community service.
    Because the Kailua incident was a violation of her Los Angeles probation, Rodriguez was sentenced to 60 days in jail, a 30 day alcohol rehabilitation program and another 30 days of community service, including work for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, by a judge in Los Angeles on May 1, 2006.

  3. You are my personal hero Megan!
    Someone very dear to me was sentenced to 90 days for not checking into jail after a DUI (she was told that checking into her classes was the same thing) So they put a warrant out and arrested her (this was her 1st offense). The only way she served less time (only about a week less than the original 90 days) was because the correctional officers were constantly putting in notices of good behavior because they agreed she shouldn’t be there. Unlike this “person” who got her sentence reduced for “good behavior” when she hadn’t even served any time yet to show good behavior! And then let out after only 3 days! The whole thing hits entirely too close to home for me!

  4. It would be great if we could put the legal system in jail for 90 days

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