Not All Cubas are Communist Third World Countries

I guess it comes with the territory – if you are a celebrity then you are either lauded or condemned for simply being human (depending on what the oh-so-human act was). Tyra Banks forgets to pay her dinner check, she’s described as a cheapskate and a bitch. She realizes her mistake, pays her check, she is suddenly a generous benefactress. Heightened scrutiny and analysis of every action is the pandora’s box of celebrity. Some people can harness the power for good (Tom Hanks), some for evil (Russell Crowe).
Today, Cuba Gooding Jr. has fallen on the “good” side of the coin.

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is being called a hero after taking quick action that may have saved a shooting victim’s life.
The 39-year-old Oscar winner was waiting in his car outside a Hollywood restaurant “when he heard four gunshots,” says a source.
“Cuba was picking up dinner for his family on the night of Memorial Day,” says the spy. “He saw a young kid holding his head and walked toward him. The kid was bleeding from his neck and collapsed.”
Gooding cradled the victim, described as a man around 20 years old, and called into the restaurant for towels. “They came out with paper towels and he said, ‘No, we need real towels!'” says the source.
The actor stemmed the bleeding and hailed a passing police car. He waited on the scene until an ambulance arrived.
The incident took place outside Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and N. Gower St.

I am not saying Cuba didn’t act valiantly. He certainly did. But he also probably did what any of us would do in that situation. Can you imagine if he had simply hailed the cop and walked away? He would be roasted on a pike! I guess all I can get from this story, is that I am glad Cuba Goodng Jr is a human being, complete with feelings, and an appropriate emergency response impulse.

On a slightly unrelated note, maybe now everyone will stop calling me crazy when I don’t want to get chicken and waffles. People are getting shot on the doorstep! And chicken and waffles are an unholy combination! Just don’t do it, people!

Cuba Hero


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  1. Chx and waffles….mmmmmmmm

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