Angelina, Still Vying for Worst Mom Ever

…Brad and Angelina going the extra mile to make sure their tykes know where they came from? That’s the word from the London Daily Mirror, which claims the comely couple plans to outfit the bedrooms of their New Orleans mansion using motifs that reflect the kids’ globe-spanning origins.
For Cambodian-born Maddox, that reportedly means decorating his space with regional road signs and a painting of a local village, while Pax, who spent his first three years in Vietnam (and on Thursday was legally given the last name “Jolie-Pitt”), will get a jungle scene. Ethiopian-born Zahara will be surrounded by desert design, camel illustrations and country-specific wall hangings, says the paper, with Shiloh, who was delivered in Namibia, treated to a village scene.
“Brad and Ange want to give the kids a strong sense of their own culture while growing up in America,” says an insider, “so they never lose the link to their past.”

Oh my god, that sucks so bad! I mean, I didn’t begrudge Angelina her stupid latitude and longitude tattoos, but come on! Give the kids a break! Who wants to be constantly reminded that they used to live in a desert, or a jungle, or a rice patty, or whatever. What is Shiloh going to get, a painting of the inside of Angelina’s womb? I mean seriously, give the kids their Spiderman bedsheets, and their Hello Kitty lampshades, and let them be normal.
Maybe this is Angelina’s way of reminding the kids that she plucked them from obscurity, and she can just as soon cast them back out. It puts a whole new, dire spin on the old “I brought you into this world…” argument.

One response to “Angelina, Still Vying for Worst Mom Ever

  1. Either those kids are going to grow up to be absolute angels, bursting with compassion and a desire to save the world… or they’re going to be some of the most fubar children in history. Be interesting to see how that goes.

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