Crazy Love

Ever since Jesus Camp faded from the public eye, we’ve sort of had a dearth of interesting documentaries. Well, the drought is over folks, because the newest award-winning doc from Magnolia Pictures (same people who brought you Jesus Camp) is hitting theaters in limited release today.
The absolutely true story is about a married man, Burt, who falls in love with a much younger, single girl, Linda. They date for a while, but when she finds out he’s married, the relationship ends. That is where this clip comes in (notice Burt’s crazy eyes, they haunt me in my dreams)!

From there is just gets more bizarre. Burt hires a hit man to kill Linda’s new fiancée, but chickens out, and instead the thug throws lye in Linda’s face, permanently blinding her. He goes to jail for 16 years, and when he gets out… he and Linda get married. No, I am not kidding.

As someone very wise once said, “Documentaries are watchable in inverse proportion to how informative they are.” This one is so darn entertaining, you are in absolutely no danger of learning anything. Also, it will probably make you feel really good about your current relationship, or even better about the fact that you’re single.


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