An Open Letter, y’all!

I’m not blogging about Lindsay Lohan’s weekend adventures because, frankly, I am a little bored with her antics, and I don’t want to encourage her. Also, according to Britney Spears, she is just going to keep making mistakes and there is nothing any well intentioned but scathingly sarcastic blog entries can do about it.

(The following excerpt has been whittled down from the original 878 words,

click here to read the whole thing.)

… I used to be angry at the tabloids for printing horrible things about me, but now I try to just be numb to what I see. I saw Tyra Banks once get really upset and cry on her show because they made her look fat. We all want a certain image of ourselves out there, and at some point we all do really care what other people think or we wouldn’t be here.
Recently, I was sent to a very humbling place called rehab. I truly hit rock bottom. Till this day I don’t think that it was alcohol or depression. I was like a bad kid running around with ADD. I had a manager from a long time ago come in and try to direct me and my life after I got my divorce. I was so overwhelmed I think that I was in a little shock too. I didn’t know who to go to. I realized how much energy and love I had put into my past relationship when it was gone because I genuinely did not know what to do with myself, and it made me so sad. I confess, I was so lost.
… Being in that vulnerable state and taken to dinners and parties with friends and finding out later you paid for everything was a huge learning lesson for me.
… It is like when you are a real woman and say what you feel and how you think things are supposed to be, that people just say you are a “bitch.”
… I am 25 and I do still have a lot to learn, and I am going to make mistakes everyday, and I am sure every mistake I make will probably be on CNN or Good Morning America. I am only human people and I love you for still loving me.
… I just hope this letter made some of you think a little bit more of me and where I am coming from. I just want the same things in life that you want…and that is to be happy. It is just so weird because everyone has their own perception of me and how they think I really am. It is so weird how stories are told. There is your side, my side, and the truth. Somebody has to figure it out. I guess we will never really understand or figure out life completely. That’s God’s job. I can’t wait to meet him…or her.

Firstly, I love that Britney looks up to Tyra Banks. She finally gets to be someone’s role model! It’s like a dream come true for our lil TyTy! Secondly, Britney Spears is really wheedling her way into my heart here (I think it’s the line about unwittingly paying for bar tabs and dinners – I love that she is a little cheapskate, stars are just like us!) She just wants to be happy people. That is all any of us want.
All right Britney, we have an unofficial truce. But the second I catch a glimpse of your whoo-ha, it’s over, got it?


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