Jakey Takes a Nap

How come when Jake Gyllenhaal falls asleep on a train he looks like a peaceful little angel, and when I do it, my seatmate elbows me in the ribs to tell me to quit drooling on her neck pillow, and by the way, you spilled an entire glass of wine on yourself while you were passed out? Actually, don’t answer that. I know why. It’s because he’s so darn dreamy!

JAke Naps

3 responses to “Jakey Takes a Nap

  1. He is dreamy.

    Funny how Dad and Martin didn’t comment on this one. And they call themselves your biggest fans!

  2. Sorry Muppet! I am Megan’s fan, not Jake What-his-face. Who ever he was.

  3. Whats to comment? I’m not gay on Jake. Nice to here from you Lancine. Hows the new baby?

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