King of Pop, Rock, and Rubberheads

I found this article yesterday, on Radar, but it’s taken me this long to formulate a coherent thought on this little item.


Are you perplexed? This is a contract Michael Jackson drew up, that all the members of his creepily-named Rubberhead club had to sign, in order to join. All in all, it’s not anything overtly sexual, or damning (except for maybe the comment about having to be in bed alone by 3 am). It’s just weird as hell. Much like MJ himself. It just makes me think that he really does fancy himself the leader of the Lost Boys.
If you want to read something REALLY creepy, check out this little note from Michael, asking DeeDee (Tito’s now-deceased wife) to warn her three sons (Taj, TJ, and Taryll) about the dangers of being molested by a relative – “even [by] uncles or aunts.”

molestation note

I just… don’t know what to say. I miss the old Michael Jackson.


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