False alarm!

We can all relax now, Prince Harry isn’t going to Iraq after all! Don’t you feel relieved? I mean, wouldn’t it have been a disaster to send a young, healthy, patriotic adult to an almost certain death, fighting in a war that no one wants to be involved with anymore?

“There have been a number of specific threats, some reported and some not reported. These threats exposed him and those around him to a degree of risk I considered unacceptable,” he said.

An unacceptable degree of risk? Ya think? Isn’t that the whole point of war? Kill and be killed? I mean, tell me if I’m wrong, but I think the parents of all the soldiers killed so far would agree. Not that I think Prince Harry should go, I just think it’s a pretty obvious excuse. Anyone could have told you three months ago that Prince Harry was not going to Iraq.
I was going to go into a tirade, but this is not really supposed to be a political blog. I’ll go find a picture of Lindsay Lohan’s latest nipple slip, and post it, just to even things out a bit.
Prince Harry


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