A Welsh Gentleman

“Fantastic Four hunk Ioan Gruffudd has shut down his official fan site after discovering fans had been criticizing his actress fiancee Alice Evans. Gruffudd had been financially backing the website http://www.IoanOnline.com, but withdrew his support after reading negative comments about his 102 Dalmatians co-star and partner on the site’s message boards. The Welsh actor’s spokeswoman Pippa Beng says, ‘It’s true Ioan has withdrawn his support following some comments that have been made. Ioan is sorry that this has happened and has posted a message on his website for fans.’ The website’s American owner is devastated at the news, adding, ‘I can’t afford to keep the site up on my own and won’t do it without that it support, so it’s closing down.’”

Firstly, let me express my condolences to the American webmaster who used to run IoanOnline.com. It must be devastating to have Ioan publicly disown you. But I have to say this story makes me love him even more. It’s very Forsyte-Saga-Horatio-Hornblower:Loyalty-and-Duty-for-the-information-age of him. I also find it completely charming that he was financially supporting his own fansite. Of course, it’s Ioan Gruffudd, and I would find him charming even if he murdered a hobo and wore the carcass as a cloak.

Ioan and Alice

Sidebar, (and Ioan this is in NO WAY meant to be disparaging to Alice) DAMN HIM for still being engaged! When is he going to realize that what we have is special, and can no longer be denied?


4 responses to “A Welsh Gentleman

  1. Engaged?! I want to hate them both but they make such a cute couple… But still, Ioan and Megan would make an even better couple

  2. Gentleman? Possibly… and it’s nice he stood up for his fiancee. However something important was left out of the recent articles. Ms. Evans falsely accused a well-liked moderator on IoanOnline of altering her Wiki page, and neither she nor Ioan have apologized.

  3. To Igo:
    Ioan is absolutely a gentleman, this I can vouch for, from personal experience. As for the claims you make regarding Alice, I would like to know more details before condemning her, or insisting that she apologize. Go ahead, hit me with the dets.
    — MadMegan

  4. Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Big ups!

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