Breaking: Katie Holmes is Acting Like a Human

MSNBC is doing their best to stir up the Life & Style-started rumor that Katie Holmes might be flirting with Adam Rothenberg, her co-star in Mad Money (currently filming).

“Is there trouble in TomKat paradise?
‘They shot a scene in which Adam wrapped his arms around Katie’s waist, then the two of them had an intimate discussion,’ a ‘set insider’ told L&S. ‘They lingered after the director said ‘cut,’ and it got everyone talking.’
‘There’s definitely been some off-camera flirting,’ the insider told the magazine… ‘One day, Katie was touching Adam’s arm while they were talking, like girls do when they like somebody.’

MSNBC has very little credibility in the realm of celebrity gossip, as far as I am concerned. Firstly, they started this article with “It there trouble in TomKat paradise?” The answer to this question is “yes.” Everybody knows it’s yes. To imply anything else simply insults the readers’ intelligence. Secondly, they followed this story up with “Is Lohan already off the wagon?” which just about anyone could also tell you is a resounding “yes.” So, tell me something I don’t know, MSNBC.

Also, is there anything wrong with touching someone’s arm as you walk? Especially if you know that person, and are contractually obligated to act romantic with them for several hours a day? I don’t think our dear Kate was flirting. I do, however, think she may have been trying to slip him a little note, begging him to rescue her from her sad marital prison.
UPDATE: I just found this photo of the infamous embrace, taken on the set of Mad Money. Look at their faces! Katie looks uncomfortable and confused, and Adam looks slightly disgusted. Neither of them look even remotely flirty. Methinks some overzealous PR people might be behind this one.

Katie and Adam

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