This Post is Meaningless Without the Accompanying Video

For reasons unfair and unbeknownst to me, I am not allowed to embed video from certain sites on my blog. It’s some kind of weird WordPress bug, or “standards,” or some such nonsense. But really it’s you, dear readers, that miss out. Because I am unable to embed videos like this one.
And it certainly doesn’t make sense for me to do an entire post railing against the kind of egos at work here, if you can’t even see the video that set me off. Unless you’re able to watch it, how will you ever know the level of respect I have lost for my dear friend Tyra? Not for butchering “Proud Mary” – I’ve done one too many drunk karaokes to be unsympathetic to her plight. Rather, I can’t believe she let That Man grope her, freak her, and yes, attempt to steal her spotlight. Look at him showboating. Watch as he pushes himself in front of Tyra, to hog the stage a little more thoroughly. See him forcibly remove the microphone from her hand at the end, and drop it on the floor, like it’s suddenly beneath him and his too-tight tee. When he shouts “I love ya’ll” at the end, like they are actually cheering for him, the sheer audacity makes me want to choke on my own repulsion. Sorry, too much? Perhaps I should disclose here, for those of you who don’t know, that I may or may not know the participants in this video personally. I am not really at liberty to disclose the details. Confidentiality agreements are tricky that way.
Just watch the video, and tell me I am not alone.

Benny and Tyra


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