Reese and Jake in a Tiff

Reese Witherspoon has apparently got her panties all in a bunch over the kiss and embrace Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston shared while he was presenting her with her GLAAD Vanguard Award. In case you want to skip Jakey’s speech, the moment comes at about 20 seconds remaining in the below clip.

“She always thought Jake was intelligent and charming. That’s why she’s so stunned by the photographs of Jake and Jen. She’s really hurt by what she’s seen. They seem to be very explicit and everyone knows Jennifer’s looking for love.”

I think Reese might be a little shell-shocked from her divorce, if that really put her in a tizzy. I mean, the peck was friendly, and clearly nothing more. The embrace and little dance were cute, but hi, they are friends (no pun intended). You’re allowed a chaste dance between friends. And if Jake was really going to hit on her, does Reese honestly think he’s do it on a stage at a public awards ceremony? Surely he is more discreet than that.

Sidebar, I wonder if it bugs the actual gay community that neither the recipient nor the presenter of this Vanguard Award are gay (and no, I am not going to allow for the possibility that Jake might be gay, until he shows up to my house in a pink feather boa, and offers to let me paint his toenails while we pick out my outfit for the next day – and yes, Jake, that is an invitation!). You’d think with all the gay people out there, actually out and proud, and making a difference, they could find someone who had a little more on her résumé than appearing on a sitcom that had a tangential lesbian plotline, and having some real life gay friends. Not that I am not all about Team Aniston. I just don’t really see the connection.


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