Laura Dern Blames Ellen

Apparently, Laura Dern appeared on Ellen’s talk show yesterday, and told Ellen that the on-air kiss they shared 10 years ago jinxed her career.

“Dern, 40, recounted Monday how she couldn’t get an acting job for more than a year afterward. ‘There was certainly backlash, I guess, (that) we all felt from it,’ she told DeGeneres, who said she was sorry and ‘had no idea’ that Dern was snubbed in Hollywood.”

I think we should all stop here to consider the possibility that Laura Dern didn’t get any work because she’s LAURA DERN, and Lifetime Television for Women hadn’t hit its stride yet. Also, according to imdb, that episode marked the upswing of a downward trend in her post-Jurassic Park career. Plus, I think everyone understood that Laura Dern is not a lesbian, but was merely playing one on TV. I don’t think I’m too idealistic when I say that I am sure casting directors can tell the difference.
In short, quit trying to jump on the T.R. Knightly/Doogie Hauser band wagon, Laura. You can’t be pink-balled if you aren’t gay, so quit making up excuses. And also, don’t blame Ellen for this, you didn’t have to take the part if you didn’t want to.

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