She’s a Cold Hearted Snake!

You know I hate to do two stories in a row on Angelina Jolie (almost as much as I dislike the woman herself), but this was too good to pass up. I love the current flame of Anti-Angelina sentiment that is going around, and I will do whatever I can to add fuel to the fire.

“…The nurturing that Angie gives to her adopted kids — Maddox, 5, Pax, 3 and Zahara, 2 — comes at the expense of the couple’s biological child, Shiloh, 10 months, insiders say.
‘Angie doesn’t change Shiloh’s diapers or hold her when she cries,’ one insider tells Life & Style. ‘One time Shiloh was having a tantrum and Angie just told Brad to quiet her down because she was upsetting the other kids.’
Brad’s rep denies that Angie shows preferential treatment. But in Life & Style’s cover story this week, multiple insiders say that she and Brad are at odds because Angie shuns Shiloh — and have fought over it to the point of Brad’s accusing her of not loving the baby.”

Okay, I read somewhere that Angelina has FOUR nannies, so of course she doesn’t change diapers. Those chores are reserved for the kind of peons (excuse the pun) that don’t own their own personal submarine. But the not holding thing is a little cold, don’t you think? I really hope that Brad accusing her of not loving her baby is true. I would love to see Brad move out and take Shiloh with him, and then go crawling back to Jennifer, just so she can laugh at him, and slam the door in his face! HA! Team Aniston wins!!


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