In Yo Face Howard (K) Stern!

Court TV has video of Larry Birkhead announcing today that he is 99.99999% positively the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, Dannielynn. It’s not quite the 1,000,000% certainty that one guy boasted on an episode of Maury Povich last week, but I suppose it holds up in court.
If you watch the video though, I really think Larry is just excited because he gets to laugh in Howard Stern’s face. He acts like someone who just won a particularly challenging game of minigolf, not a man who has lovingly fought for custody of his only child.
As for the other side of the story:

“Stern spoke briefly, saying he would not fight Birkhead over the ruling. ‘Obviously, I am very disappointed, but my feelings for Dannielynn have not changed,’ he said.
Dannielynn, who was born Sept. 7, 2006, could inherit millions from the estate of oil tycoon Howard Marshall II, Anna Nicole Smith’s late husband.
A judge ordered a DNA test to be performed on Smith’s daughter on March 21, but Stern asked a Bahamian appeals court to block the testing. Stern later withdrew his challenge after the three-judge panel questioned the appeal, saying that Stern had filed it too late, after he agreed to the DNA testing.”

Yeah, I am sure his “feelings for Dannielynn” won’t change until she gets cut out of the inheritance by Howard Marshall’s legitimate heirs. Poor Dannielynn. These two smarmy guys fight over her tooth and nail, but I am sure neither of them has ever thought about changing diapers, midnight feedings, proper nutrition, or buying cute little booties knitted in the shape of adorable woodland creatures. This kid is gonna be even more tragic than her mother, mark my words.


One response to “In Yo Face Howard (K) Stern!

  1. I am 0.0001% sure I am the father!

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