Blessed Art Thou, News at Nine

MediaPost is reporting, via the Hollywood Reporter, that a Vatican cardinal just blessed an Italian prime-time evening news program.

“According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the vicar general of the Diocese of Rome and one of the most powerful figures in the Vatican, has blessed the Mediaset network’s TG5 news program. He even declared himself a fan, noting he was a ‘very faithful viewer of TG5’s evening program.’
Supposedly, this is unusual for a man of the cloth — or at least one of his station. In the past, the Pope blessed the entire media industry, which would seemingly cover everything from Fox News Channel to FX’s ‘The Shield’ to ‘Jerry Springer.’ But few holy men of the Vatican go out of the way to single out a specific TV show.”

So many questions. I didn’t even know it was possible to bless an intangible entity, like a TV show. Does this blessing extend to everyone who works on the show, or just the on air personalities? Can they still cover blasphemous, sinful news? Or are they held to a higher standard now? And don’t they get C.S.I. in the Vatican? Surely not. If they did, I think the Cardinal would have chosen to bestow his blessing a little differently.


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