Glittering in the Afterlife

Dave’s Daily, your source for bizarre news from around the world, gives us this little tid bit for today:

“A German court was asked to decide on Tuesday in the case of a family divided over whether a dead man’s ashes should be transformed into a diamond. The court heard that the man’s daughter wants to send the ashes to Switzerland to be turned into a “memorial” diamond, a technique which originated in the United States but is becoming popular in Europe. The woman claims that her father told her before his death from cancer last year that he wanted to be immortalized as a diamond.
But the man’s wife disputes her daughter’s claim, saying he had wanted the urn of his ashes to be buried in a cemetery. The court in the southwestern city of Wiesbaden is expected to give its ruling next Tuesday. In the process, the ashes are subjected to intense heat to produce graphite which is then pressed to produce a raw crystal that is then polished and cut into a synthetic diamond.”

Okay, first of all, what is the point of cremating someone, only to then bury the urn in the cemetery? Is it just a space-saving technique? Seems a little strange to me, but then again, the Germans have never been normal.
Secondly, I, Mad Megan, being of sound mind and body, as my last will and testament, want my ashes to be compressed into a diamond. You all can fight over who gets to wear me. Also, I will try to get really really fat before I die, so I can get that puppy up to a karat or so. You’re welcome.

Lastly, shout out, Wiesbaden! Was ist auf?


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