American Youth’s Priorities Severely Misplaced

Okay, a couple of things. Firstly, you might want to watch Gandhi before taking on a hunger strike – it’s not as much fun as it seems. Secondly, it worked because he was famous, well-loved, and widely regarded as the father of India. No one has ever heard of you, J. And even if they had, let’s just say they might not be particularly concerned with your well-being. Thirdly, this was filmed almost a whole week ago, and I would be EXTREMELY surprised if this hunger strike was still going. Not that I don’t think you’re dedicated to your cause. Just… well… maybe it’s only me, but if I go six hours without food I start to contemplate eating my own hand off.
Lastly, this is American Idol. The American public votes for who they want, not the best singer. Sanjaya is cute, effeminate, and non-threatening – every teenage girl’s fantasy (see Efron, Zac). Why do you think Justin Guarini made it to the final two? Talent? No! People liked his fro! I don’t watch the show regularly, but if there is one thing I know. Afro trumps musical ability every time. Get used to it. And go eat something.


One response to “American Youth’s Priorities Severely Misplaced

  1. That chick could stand to go for a few days without food.

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