Even Retarded Crippled People Get Married

If you haven’t checked out the trailer for Mike White’s newest movie, “Year of the Dog,” then you’re in luck! I am posting it right here, for your viewing pleasure.

I never saw “School of Rock” or “Nacho Libre,” but Jake Gyllenhaal starred in White’s “The Good Girl,” so you know I saw it and loved it. This movie looks like a funny little diddy.
And in case you haven’t noticed from the dog-centricity of the posts over the last few weeks, I am thinking about adopting a dog. So, this film kind of strikes a chord. If you happen to catch the movie and think adopting a dog makes sense for you and your lifestyle, check out this handy-dandy adoption guide from the good folks at About.com.

Thus concludes the PSA portion of today’s blog.


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