Johnny Depp Needs Your Prayers

Normally, I spend a good deal of time praying for Johnny Depp to break up with his long-time girlfriend, and come join me, Keanu, and Ioan to live on our hippie commune up in Napa. But today I am shifting the focus of my prayers, to wish the very best for his little Depplette, Lily-Rose.
“Johnny was due to start filming Sweeney Todd in England when Lily-Rose was struck down by the undisclosed illness nine days ago. 
A hospital source is quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying: ‘They are worried sick, but Lily-Rose is getting the very best treatment available. Johnny has not asked for any special favours but just wants the
best for his child, like any parent.’”
Um, Johnny, I love you and your humility. But now would be a great time to start calling in those “special favours” that celebrities get. Seriously, fly in a tetanus specialist from Zurich, if you have to! You’re freaking Johnny Depp, and everyone wants to see your daughter recover. Come on, What Would Angelina Jolie Do?


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