Save Britney

“Well Sinead O’Rebellion! Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior!”

Of course, Empire Records fans will remember that Deborah shaved her head the day after attempting to commit suicide by cutting her wrists with a lady Bic – a pink plastic razor with daisies and a moisturizing strip. Still, though, her cry for help was no less pleading, and neither is Britney’s. My feelings for her have gone beyond morbid fascination, to legitimate concern. Who will save her from herself? It’s not like she has a friend like Corey to host a fake funeral so everyone can gather round and tell her how much they love her, while Warren simultaneously breaks into the store and tries to shoot AJ. Can’t anyone help her?


4 responses to “Save Britney

  1. You and the girls should have a Damn the Man! Save Brittany! party. Admition is a lock of hair to make a wig. You could bedazzle bald head covering hoodies. And bake prozac cookies!

  2. Brilliant idea! Consider it done!

  3. I just saw on Inside Edition that she is back in re-hab. For her sake, lets hope she stay there.

  4. Well, I heard this morning on the radio that Britney checked out of re hab this morning. Oh well!

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