Who’s Laughing Now, Googe?

Long time readers know that I have a bit of a beef with Google. Something about them being pinko communist bastards. Since it’s Valentine’s Day and the season for forgiveness, I was willing to look past our differences long enough to covet the chocolate-covered strawberry they incorporated into their logo in honor of Single Awareness Day.

But look a little closer. Do you notice anything? Neither did Google’s copywriters. Sorry, I mean, Googe’s copywriters. Yes, they left out the “l.” Unless that is an intentional attempt at hipping up their corporate brand by giving themselves a cute little one syllable nickname (doubtful), I think I have free reign to mock them for the rest of the day. Or maybe the rest of my life. We’ll see.


2 responses to “Who’s Laughing Now, Googe?

  1. screw google

  2. So glad you’re on my side.

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