Stars! They Suck at Karaoke Just Like Us!

It’s an old Burbank Urban Legend: some Friday nights, when the moon is full and the beer is flowing, a certain D-list celebrity will rise from the ashes of Saturday morning syndicated television and grace patrons at local karaoke bar, Dimples, with a little diddy. I am happy to report that I can now confirm this legend as truth, as evidenced by the following video snippet.

In case you have trouble getting past the bloat, that is Dennis Haskins, aka the illustrious Mr. Belding, last seen upbraiding Zach Morris for using his elephantine celly during Mr. Tuttle’s driver’s ed class. Though I harbor much love for Mr. B and the entire Saved by the Bell gang, I was very much disturbed by the possibility that he was hitting on the girl on the stage with him. She’s young enough to be Jesse and Slater’s illicit love child!


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